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Wot an Autumn Haul….. September 2, 2008

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Back from two plus weeks away on holiday with the parents in Spain.   Hope to post a pic of us helping to harvest their potato crop when we finally get fully unpacked!  It was quite a laugh, hard work and fully un-rewarding as they had a very poor yield.  Stubborn oldies meant they re-use essentially the same plot each year, don’t use any fresh composty type input, and shallow bury the seed potatoes with no earthing-up!!  ah well.  Around 100 potatoes yielded around 200 potatoes.  ah.  Still have 200 though so better than a trip to Carrefour for them.


Our garden however….  We had already brought up and used the earlies which were ok, and with the wet weather decided to get our main crop haul in rather than unpack from the holiday! It was quite wet but starting with the tyres we were immediatly smug and joyous esp with the comparison with the Spain outcome.


  In the basket is the yield from two potatoes in one of the tyres (about 20-25 i think)


We had some other good growths over our holiday period including a bumper crop of jalepeno peppers, a reasonable haul of cherry tomatoes, two pretty good sweetcorns, a forest of carrots at last, another nice big marrow (our third and we planted squash seeds!!),  and two stonking sunflowers:


2 Responses to “Wot an Autumn Haul…..”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    So jealous of your potatoes. We planted only a late, fingerling variety in our Potato Condo to we’re still blooming and thriving here. The local potato guru tells us just a few more weeks and we’ll be rolling in tender little spuds. Until then… we’ll revel in your success and give ya a big ol’ WOOHOO!!

  2. cake Says:

    reading this makes me think i need to plant some potatoes. just found your blog, looks like fun.

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