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… and it stayed overnight. What a day. February 2, 2009

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The view from my office (got sent home from a near-empty office by our boss boss)…..



Just before i head to bed…. a nice night-time sight February 1, 2009

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I know we don’t live in Canada or anything – but this felt pretty nice tonight as I was heading to bed…..


Easter? Mini-eggs but not cadburys…

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Not sure what happened with this little blighter….



..and so a brand new season begins..

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Well I know that gardening/allotmenting should be a year-round activity but we’re not there yet.

Today has been a milestone for getting things started for this year…..


We bought seed potatoes.  Around 75 specimens – 50% first earlies, 50% main crop.  Two varieties each.  So assuming a yield of 8 per plant (though we won’t probaly be able to get them all in) that’s 600 potatoes!! For a grand total of £8.00.  Woo hoo.  Asda price? £3 for two bags totalling around 30 potatoes?  Excellent.

It struck me that it’s amazing in today’s society that a bag of seed potatoes are still so cheap at only £4.50.  I would have thought it would have had a massive mark up these days.  So I guess they must be worth virtually nothing at cost?

A second sexy element is digging over the plot and beginning to prepare. Last year’s collected and piled turf has turned once again amazingly into wonderful top soil.  Sexy Earth once more.


And it was a beautiful sunny moment as I sweated digging into it.  I even added nigey-compost (apparently that sounds bad – I just mean nige-made from veg kitchen scraps) to it to help get even richer.  It is probaly destined for the potato tyre stacks.

This year should see:

  • Shifted around beds following a rotation as per chapter 1, page 1 of all books.
  • A cleared pond side hopefully with bench (freecycle wanted)
  • Another shed (freecycle acquired already) for chickens to try out breeding/stroking chicks/killing/eating….
  • A major assult to beat the nettles from taking over…..
  • A new gardener to join the team as Baby Yogi joins in (will be 18m in the summer).

Hope to see all others active on their plots too……