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All the creatures… May 14, 2009

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I was thinking about all the creatures that I have living around me.  Some people never see any kind of animal/wildlife unless it’s domestic pets, or in a zoo. 

We have seen/have:

  • Great crested newt (2 seen in the house, 1 out in the car-port).
  • Couts/Moorhens
  • Wild rabbits
  • An Owl
  • Moles (recently saw babies in a small nest)(and saw a real one the other day)
  • Field mice
  • Rats (!)
  • Pheasants
  • Foxes
  • Bats
  • Of course: Sheep, Horses, Next door’s dog, our Chickens
  • Crawlies: Earwigs, Beetles, Spiders, ladybirds, moths, many flys/midges [all in the house]
  • Tonnes of birds: tits, jays, robins etc



  • Killing a wild rabbit
  • Seeing a chicken peck/eat a bumble bee/wasp
  • Seeing baby birds fall out of nests/dead :<
  • Seeing an poorly/abandoned mole baby – and family of other moles
  • Robin flying around the house (twice)
  • Other birds flying around the attic!

Death and illness… aka My first Kill

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Wierd – got my first kill.

We had a small rabbit in the garden that I decided to see if I could approach and I could – almost too easily.  when I got near enough I could see it looked almost blind and moving quite slowly overall.  Got him and took him to show wifey at the back door and she said ahhhhhh…. oh…. mexamitocis (sp?).    So she said something needed to be done – 100% mortality rate apparently.

So told toddler I’d let it go in the back fields, but went off.  Took a deep breath.  Got a grip on it’s neck/head and held it’s back legs for a crack.  Seemed quite easy and definite.  But it did seem to still be breathing a moving slightly and not jerking around, so I gave it a smack against a fence post.  Then it did the jerky thing.

Not nice.  But I felt glad he wouldn’t suffer any more.



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Man I’ve failed for a numer of months now.  Ah well.  At least things have been happening so there’s always plenty to report.

Current status:

– Good crop of early potatoes coming through into small bushes

– Main crop are desperatly pointing out of the window at the garden they want to be planted in (soon)

– Carrot early sowings are actually coming through and surving so far

– Misc others ok like salad, cucumbers, strawberries.

– Got small number of baby tomato plants going ok – will they actually produce fruit (!) for us this year?

– Got two beds of sweetpeas growing (wifey is hoping for wedding flowers in September).

Poor performers – Peas – Only around 6 in so far – had about a 20% germination rate…..    Spanish peppers -third year of failure….!

Chickens are doing well except for an attack of red mite – have scrubbed the house today but now am itching lots and think I’m being eaten by the little buggers…… wifey will be pleased in bed-not….