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Update. May 14, 2009

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Man I’ve failed for a numer of months now.  Ah well.  At least things have been happening so there’s always plenty to report.

Current status:

– Good crop of early potatoes coming through into small bushes

– Main crop are desperatly pointing out of the window at the garden they want to be planted in (soon)

– Carrot early sowings are actually coming through and surving so far

– Misc others ok like salad, cucumbers, strawberries.

– Got small number of baby tomato plants going ok – will they actually produce fruit (!) for us this year?

– Got two beds of sweetpeas growing (wifey is hoping for wedding flowers in September).

Poor performers – Peas – Only around 6 in so far – had about a 20% germination rate…..    Spanish peppers -third year of failure….!

Chickens are doing well except for an attack of red mite – have scrubbed the house today but now am itching lots and think I’m being eaten by the little buggers…… wifey will be pleased in bed-not….


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