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Champers anyone?? June 15, 2009

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New experiment – home brewing.

First is Elderflower Champagne from Hugh F-W/River Cottage as well as some other google search results.  It’s currently brewing in a tentative 6 litre quantity and I’m waiting for the visable signs of fermentation appearing ‘within a couple of days’.  Otherwise I’m to add some yeast (I bought ‘strong alcohol’ special wine yeast (tee hee!!)).  Will try to offer some posts.

I’m planning for this to be available for my 30th bday party in mid-July.  Thinking of doing another small amount in the new few days as we have an elderflower shrub in our own garden which I just noticed yesterday!  The ones brewing are from the field in front of our house which I noticed from the kitchen sink on Sat morning – I had been planning a trip out to a local hedgerow as I seem to have developed elder-radar last week spotting it all over the place…!!!

Also planning to try nettle beer as it’s quick so would be in time for 30th again.

Then planning to redo both (maybe) for the Sept Wedding – although had planned to do lager as well which I think takes more like 3 months…


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