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DIY Wedding – blog notes kickoff June 15, 2009

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So I haven’t started noting anything about our wedding plans.  Sept DIY garden wedding (UK legal bit first in the registry office but down-played).

So we have a host of exciting plans and bits of work/projects to do towards the event.  I won’t blog all of them because we want some of them to be a surpise to guests and some might read this…

  • Build a compost toilet.  I have a site for a poo pit and a urinal pit and have started the main frame for the former.  Poo pit will basic with an approach based on sprinkling cedar wood shavings.  I’m worried about the loo-roll as an overhead.  And needing to secure it to stop items being dragged out by rodents…..?  Urinal will be based on wee-ing on a straw bale which can then nicely rot down.
  • Move the chickens/pen.  A new fenced area will be around the most recent shed.  We were going to use this for chicks but til the wedding I think we like it as a store/workspace.  The fencing will be higher to stop way-ward chickens (currently they jump onto the fence then jump down). 
  • Build a fire-pit and firecircle seating.  To maximise capacity around it
  • Decide on marquee/shelter plans including any construction
  • Plan/arrange electricity run-out and music/lighting provision
  • Plan/consider heating options (chiminea offered, could hire, other?)
  • Obtain other freecycle things as needed – see below.


Freecycle needed/wanted:

  • Bins: for rubbish/recycling/drinks bins : Have 3ish so far
  • Sink: to provide a washing up process outdoors
  • Trestle tables: well, can ask – you never know what you might obtain
  • Garden furniture: any benches, chairs etc
  • Carpet: to create dancefloor-suitable-surface over hardstanding: have some offered to pickup
  • Chimena/other heating options
  • Garden flares/candles/other lighting

One Response to “DIY Wedding – blog notes kickoff”

  1. Wedding Says:

    Great Blog – I just signed up for your RSS Feed.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.


    Your friends at the Wedding Favors Association of Atlanta, GA

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