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Good Kaaaaarrrrrr-ma June 15, 2009

Filed under: random — Canvas Summer Nige @ 11:12 pm

I rescued a sheep…….  Silly thing had put it’s head through the fence in the field right at the bottom of our garden.  Lateish evening, I noticed it in the corner but just thought it was having a munch there.  Then a little later I went back to get something from the shed and noticed it still there – and most notably not running away when I was clattering around quite near it….

So explored a little further and noticed it had it’s head poked through the fence!!!! – the large 20cm squares type.  Silly fool must have poked through to get at some munchy temptation but couldn’t get back because of it’s horns and ears!!

Tried to pull it back through – no joy.  I got some wirecutters, talked softly and stroked it a bit, then cut a few sections away to get it’s head back out… tee hee… :> Crazy thing ran off pretty promptly without even saying thanks….


… ungrateful baaaaaaaah-stard!   [spent around 10mins repeating that gem to myself before coming in and sharing it with the wife].  The good karma repays some favours the farmer has done us over the last couple of years & for the upcoming garden wedding.


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