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Q update for June June 15, 2009

Filed under: Allotment — Canvas Summer Nige @ 11:17 pm

sorry no pics at the mo as trying to just getting around to posting…

  • Potatoes are now all in and storming.  Including fast growing shoots in the tyre stacks.
  • Measly few peas are hanging on in there, but a poor effort for one of the family favourites that did so well last year.  You don’t seem to be able to get them in the garden centers/wilkos either…
  • Because of the above I bought 6 mange tout plants… they’re doing ok
  • Carrots are coming on nicely as a forest and a new sowing now coming through too
  • Parsnips are storming this year – first year of success after two failed years
  • One smallish green tomato coming on so far.
  • No peppers yet and don’t even ask about the spanish pepper efforts…
  • strawberries are growing but being swiped by some critter or other before we get them
  • Rainbow chard is a nice new addition this year
  • Can see rasberries coming on which good (pressie from my mum’s garden)

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