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BTW – a garden growing wedding project June 24, 2009

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I keep forgetting that I have a (mandated, inherited) project for growing towards the wedding.  The wife wanted sweetpeas homegrown for the September wedding which we talked about for a while before she got itchy worrying that it was getting late….. so we had to vigorously debate where to locate them, then I dug over two strips in the front garden and we bought sweetpeas from a garden center (rather than from seed) and got them in.   Since then, they have been my babies – mainly due to hectic real baby antics for the last few months and so the wifes’ inability to get out to them.

So I’ve weeded, watered regularly, got canes (freecycle of course, although I did buy some peasticks initially), tied the sweetpea shoots up, set-up the canes, got more canes, regularly strimmed the whole area (as it is trying to remain a nettle pasture….) etc etc.  Wifey did get out there regularly and I think she is pleased.

1) I’ve been making up the care policy as I don’t really know when to break off side shoots or where or how to do this….

2) There are a few ant nests in the strips and this seems to have killed off a few plants

3) The replacement plants I’ve put in for any failures aren’t really taking – even those not in the ants nest….


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