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Bottled the nettle beer…. seemed nice (!?) June 26, 2009

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Bottled all the 15 litres of nettle beer into the freecyle obtained bottles (from the freecycle fermentation bucket) but unfortuntly with the (wilko) purchased syphoning tube, bottle caps and cool capping gizmo.

So they should be ready to sample on Sunday but ideal if left for a few more weeks or month (so again, perfect for my 30th is the plan….)

Learnt a few things so far:

  • Sterlising the kit takes the longest time of anything
  • Boiling vast quantities of water is helped by the ownership of a preserving pan
  • Figuring out a way of sterlising the syphon tube but also managing an efficient pressure of the desired liquid is interesting : advice found was to pull through clean cooled prev-boiled water and close off tap to hold it in place: then carefully insert into fermentation bucket without loosing the pressure: then start pulling through the desired stuff – the water will come out first but then the right stuff.  It means your mouth doesn’t get into contact with the end of the tube at that point…..  Unfort with the nettle beer I presumed I’d be able to see the colour change when water turned into beer but couldn’t so wasted a fair half pints worth of beer before I realised…..  Not sure the way around this so will try again with the lager in a week’s time.

One Response to “Bottled the nettle beer…. seemed nice (!?)”

  1. Rach Says:

    I am very excited about all this home brew Nigey! Shame I can’t make your birthday for early sampling! xxx

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