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Man they weren’t joking about the champagne… June 26, 2009

Filed under: homebrew — Canvas Summer Nige @ 2:29 pm

It really is that fizzy!  No wonder it can blow corks out or explode containers.  I checked on the first batch of champagne last night and the bottles are balloning under the pressure.


I wonder if the wrapper labels on coke bottles somehow helps to keep the plastic from stretching.  But in trying to open the bottles to let the gas escape – I couldn’t do this as whenever it opened a little more, the champagne was going mental over fizzing and I was getting soaked and loosing loads of it….  So I managed to let some out but not really – so here’s fingers crossed that the bottles manage to hold it until my bday in mid july!  Got another double load needing bottling to cope with over the coming weeks!  So we may have a sticky cellar space in the near future!

I was at a conference on Wednesday and they had great heavy-glass water bottles which had grolsch-type tops.  I though about asking if I could take home some empty ones but they would have been really heavy to lug back from London!


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