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this MIGHT be the end of an era… nigeygreen goes nigeytownie November 13, 2010

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We may well be up and moving.  After 3+ years we’ve been thinking for a while now about moving to the local town to ease the pain and burden of school runs and constant driving esp with the teenagers.

We’ve found a house including deciding to pay the price to rent a 4-bedroom so the teens won’t share.  It seems v nice.  Has a not-tiny garden although it does only have a tiny square of grass, a small raised bed and mucho concrete.  It DOES have a reasonable shed that seems nigey-workshop worthy methinks.

So the manic planning begins as we wait to hear if all credit checks go through ok. Should know within the week.

So today I wanted to get started and at least evaluate what needs to be sorted from the nigeygreen/nigeybodge world.  Already have a main idea but also took the opportunity to BURN BURN BURN mucho today!

It was a BIG fire.  Felt quite sad and ceremonial.  But I recognise the good things for the family about the move.  I am not too scared of making a change or such a move, so onwards and upwards…..

So burnt:

  • old freecycle wardrobe that was dying anyway as my tool store
  • a-frames from the wedding sink holders or that had been part of a v old knackered bench when we moved in
  • Wheelie bin full of v soggy decking – but the fire was SOOO hot it went within 20mins!
  • Random tree bits from recent winds!
  • Lots of random wood lying around inc some so so wet…. as above!!

Plans include

  1. Take all potted items as originally planned (trees, blueberry etc)
  2. Take asparagus and build a new long narrow trough using the sleepers that they are already based in
  3. Store gardening tools with someone else until we get an allotment.
  4. Sell or ditto above the mower and strimmer
  5. freecycle the two sheds
  6. dismantle and store somewhere the large playhouse for now.  Might convince grandma or might be able to put up at an allotment in the future.
  7. Chickens to be re-homed to a friends mum who is interested apparently.

will post again.

Funny how this sad area inspired me to post.  I guess I feel I want to close the chapter here (literally?)  Might start up again if we get an allotment.