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A Re-invigoration to nigeygreenposting May 16, 2011

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It’s been a long time, we’re in a new place, things have started to grow and we’ve been creative to get more growing space.

This first pic is from our LANDSHARE,  a lady down the road who is pregnant with her second child and responded to some posters I put up asking for growing space.  Wonderfully in the style of ‘The Good Life’ she has allowed me to carve up her front lawn and create three beds!

So the first bed is really the only one I’m using for now and the below shows peas, sunflowers, sweetcorn and other seedlings like leeks, chard (although these seem to have been dug up)

This next photo is the end result of…….. 2 years of….. decomposition of…… our COMPOST TOILET from the wedding.

Yes this is wedding poo soil!!!

The wedding poo soil is great, and is now a part of our adjusted garden feature of the wedding-freegle-washingup-sink that is shown below.  Northing planted yet – we’re thinking about it.

At the back is cucumber plants to grow up.

And on the sink drying area is the mud/straw nest/cat basket that the 3 year old had me make at the Wildheart Gathering festival at the start of May.

Then back to our garden – raised bed brought from old house – has the two wedding asparagus which are now delivering one stalk at a time, salad, chard, radishes.

The below shows the next asparagus poking up….

The now-5-year old has her trough brought from the old house too – and put in some salad and chard seeds…. then sneaked in a pea which has started to grow really well!

The other raise bed we have, now has two rows of peas, sunflowers and sweetcorn.

It already had a veritable bush of raspberry canes, then lots of ivy and annoying weedy things.

Also from the wedding, we had a blueberry and a whitecurrent plant – each still alive and one seeming quite fruit-filled.  We didn’t really get anything off these last year – so fingers cross for this season!