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2010 Q Spring Update May 18, 2010

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blog? what blog.  oops. I’ve been one of those.

Spring update for May 2010:

– Just polished off the last of last years champagne.  Still VERY VERY nice – and strong.!! :>

– Still loadsa nettle beer.

– Peas are doing well this year – now out in the garden

– tomato effort as every year is under-way and probaly underwelming as always.

– we have lotsa nice additions this year particuarly as wedding presents -white currents, apple and pear tree (in large pots), asparagus (not edible till next year or 2012), 2 rows of raspberry canes etc

– going for potatoes and carrots mainly in tyre stacks and veg bags this year (as been doing so badly in the ground in previous years….

– we have 7 chickens now – one was pretty poorly and the wife did the deed whilst I was at work, then to compensate we got 4 new rescue hens from a battery farm that was due to kill them off.

– Had a great DIY job recently as we got a v large playhouse from freecycle

playhouse mid construction


Easter? Mini-eggs but not cadburys… February 1, 2009

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Not sure what happened with this little blighter….



Bonding continues with the chicks…. July 24, 2008

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A warm welcome after work or after a hot sunny days’ walk – to come back to a pecking chook.

I still love their desire to join us in the house – by window, stable back door or just the right opportunity presented….


chicks antics July 14, 2008

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I had heard of dust baths by chickens but never really knew the process or reality until yesterday!

They look a bit dead (as do all my herbs!!!) but they’re not.  They’re like dogs rolling around in bird poo – never thought that chickens would roll around like that getting totally covered in dry dirt! Then after about an hour of that, they strutt around fluffing themselves to shake the dirt out! Quite bizarre and a very good reason to get chicks and to give them lots of free range space!  We just need to decide if a kitchen-handy herb garden is more important??!!!


Pic of chicks June 3, 2008

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The girls are getting cuddly…. June 2, 2008

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A chick update – a few times recently I’ve caught the 4 chick girls lounging somewhere in the sun, and this particular time there were three cuddled up together!!! Well cute.  The white one – toot identifiable due to more brown flecks on her back compared to Cindy – got up as I got the camera out but the other two stayed all relaxed and cosy!

 [bugger…. can’t upload the pic at the moment.  will try a seperate post]

They’re doing very well – fairly reliable 1 egg per day each (so we’re building up 4 per day nicely) – and haven’t escaped much recently.  We’re currently debating the main plan to build a coop to more securely house them while we’re away in the summer.  Plus now have the shed which should form the basis of winter accommodation and possible increasing the flock for some for food.


It’s a free(cycle) world…..

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Wow, freecycle is pretty good – or at least the mentality behind it.  See the widget down to the right of the page for what we’ve had free.  I can’t believe people actually pay for stuff.  Especially things like sheds and greenhouses.  Ok, effort involved if you’re an old lady or something or if you’re really poncey and need a brand new swanky thing….. but come on….

So this now procured:

 (shown in it’s previous owners garden)

….. with a bit of effort to re-construct it with a bit of patching up to do but not too much.. mostly due to:


….. the immense amount of fun it is dismantling this kind of thing.  For a start it’s honest hard work, but so satisfactory as it’s quite quick to achieve something (as opposed to building something over weeks/months/years – like my friends doing their flat/homes that is taken them ages and ages so the benefit so long awaited and painful during the wait).  I ripped down the chicken coop last year, and this was similar.  So a few injured pieces of timber and a snapped hammer (!) but a few scrapped knuckles but lots of fun.



I commented at home too, that this whole new life since we moved here is finally making start to feel 1) useful beyond my IT techie career and 2) quite blokeish (as never previously been in a fight or had a ‘proper’ job!

I highly recommend both free stuff and trashing things.

BTW – shed is intended to be a chicken house at the bottom of the garden – target date 15 September 2008.