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Good Kaaaaarrrrrr-ma June 15, 2009

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I rescued a sheep…….  Silly thing had put it’s head through the fence in the field right at the bottom of our garden.  Lateish evening, I noticed it in the corner but just thought it was having a munch there.  Then a little later I went back to get something from the shed and noticed it still there – and most notably not running away when I was clattering around quite near it….

So explored a little further and noticed it had it’s head poked through the fence!!!! – the large 20cm squares type.  Silly fool must have poked through to get at some munchy temptation but couldn’t get back because of it’s horns and ears!!

Tried to pull it back through – no joy.  I got some wirecutters, talked softly and stroked it a bit, then cut a few sections away to get it’s head back out… tee hee… :> Crazy thing ran off pretty promptly without even saying thanks….


… ungrateful baaaaaaaah-stard!   [spent around 10mins repeating that gem to myself before coming in and sharing it with the wife].  The good karma repays some favours the farmer has done us over the last couple of years & for the upcoming garden wedding.


Part-way through weekend update…. April 26, 2008

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Random wanting to post with some updates-:

– Finished raised beds with ends and top soil procured previously from freecycle.

– Admired many shoots now appearing in the potato area

– Transplanted many things including peas, brassicas, nastersiums etc

– Put up some more fencing to sort out the chickens who keep escaping next door!

– Syphoned waterbutt off to stash some rainwater for the coming anticipated dry spell

– Completed a nigeybodge/cunning solution for collecting rainwater off the greenhouse.  [another post with pics to follow shortly]

– Completed a nigeybodge to replace some glass in a shed thing here.

Busy busy busy……

interesting pea in transition to the outside world:>


And a funny find whilst emptying the waterbutt->

 Toddler admitted to putting a flowerpot, a small gardening kids’ rake, and an egg-box in there a few months ago!!


more new residents? April 13, 2008

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Found this in our outbuilding today, the cheeky beggars.  Not sure when it arrived – but it did look like there was recent shredded material on the lid of the freezer which we last opened yesterday.  After dusk there wasn’t anyone in it, so also not sure of the basis of the accommodation – might be timeshare or at least a holiday home.


It’s on the same shelf as our drill so unfort they might get disturbed or might choose to not be there too much.  Or of course I could keep the drill somewhere else?


Distraction for laughs.. April 9, 2008

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Thanks to Mrs S. E. for this – thought was a worth distraction for my blog! to share amusing thing bit like the big sofa does sometimes….