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2010 Q Spring Update May 18, 2010

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blog? what blog.  oops. I’ve been one of those.

Spring update for May 2010:

– Just polished off the last of last years champagne.  Still VERY VERY nice – and strong.!! :>

– Still loadsa nettle beer.

– Peas are doing well this year – now out in the garden

– tomato effort as every year is under-way and probaly underwelming as always.

– we have lotsa nice additions this year particuarly as wedding presents -white currents, apple and pear tree (in large pots), asparagus (not edible till next year or 2012), 2 rows of raspberry canes etc

– going for potatoes and carrots mainly in tyre stacks and veg bags this year (as been doing so badly in the ground in previous years….

– we have 7 chickens now – one was pretty poorly and the wife did the deed whilst I was at work, then to compensate we got 4 new rescue hens from a battery farm that was due to kill them off.

– Had a great DIY job recently as we got a v large playhouse from freecycle

playhouse mid construction


DIY Wedding – blog notes kickoff June 15, 2009

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So I haven’t started noting anything about our wedding plans.  Sept DIY garden wedding (UK legal bit first in the registry office but down-played).

So we have a host of exciting plans and bits of work/projects to do towards the event.  I won’t blog all of them because we want some of them to be a surpise to guests and some might read this…

  • Build a compost toilet.  I have a site for a poo pit and a urinal pit and have started the main frame for the former.  Poo pit will basic with an approach based on sprinkling cedar wood shavings.  I’m worried about the loo-roll as an overhead.  And needing to secure it to stop items being dragged out by rodents…..?  Urinal will be based on wee-ing on a straw bale which can then nicely rot down.
  • Move the chickens/pen.  A new fenced area will be around the most recent shed.  We were going to use this for chicks but til the wedding I think we like it as a store/workspace.  The fencing will be higher to stop way-ward chickens (currently they jump onto the fence then jump down). 
  • Build a fire-pit and firecircle seating.  To maximise capacity around it
  • Decide on marquee/shelter plans including any construction
  • Plan/arrange electricity run-out and music/lighting provision
  • Plan/consider heating options (chiminea offered, could hire, other?)
  • Obtain other freecycle things as needed – see below.


Freecycle needed/wanted:

  • Bins: for rubbish/recycling/drinks bins : Have 3ish so far
  • Sink: to provide a washing up process outdoors
  • Trestle tables: well, can ask – you never know what you might obtain
  • Garden furniture: any benches, chairs etc
  • Carpet: to create dancefloor-suitable-surface over hardstanding: have some offered to pickup
  • Chimena/other heating options
  • Garden flares/candles/other lighting

New project September 2, 2008

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I need/want to rescue our ‘car port’ type building that is dying a little.  The landlords highlighted that they don’t support this ‘structure’ which was put up by a previous tenant and which we use at our own risk. 

It’s quite large car port-type thing with four bays, two on the left for us.  The left-most is dying badly as it was when we moved in, but now the main beam and strutts for the back wall have lost their footing and the wall / roof is falling away.


So enter the new project/plan to try to rescue.  I’ll be calling on my Welsh architect friend who has helped my build a cooker for littleun, a hen house for little chooks, and tonnes of other jobs around the place.

Presume we’ll remove the majority of the back panel/wall, dig into the slope a bit and lay some concrete or something to otherwise secure a base for the back panels and re-fix some horizontal beams????  Should be a laugh and will aim to document the work.


It’s a free(cycle) world….. June 2, 2008

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Wow, freecycle is pretty good – or at least the mentality behind it.  See the widget down to the right of the page for what we’ve had free.  I can’t believe people actually pay for stuff.  Especially things like sheds and greenhouses.  Ok, effort involved if you’re an old lady or something or if you’re really poncey and need a brand new swanky thing….. but come on….

So this now procured:

 (shown in it’s previous owners garden)

….. with a bit of effort to re-construct it with a bit of patching up to do but not too much.. mostly due to:


….. the immense amount of fun it is dismantling this kind of thing.  For a start it’s honest hard work, but so satisfactory as it’s quite quick to achieve something (as opposed to building something over weeks/months/years – like my friends doing their flat/homes that is taken them ages and ages so the benefit so long awaited and painful during the wait).  I ripped down the chicken coop last year, and this was similar.  So a few injured pieces of timber and a snapped hammer (!) but a few scrapped knuckles but lots of fun.



I commented at home too, that this whole new life since we moved here is finally making start to feel 1) useful beyond my IT techie career and 2) quite blokeish (as never previously been in a fight or had a ‘proper’ job!

I highly recommend both free stuff and trashing things.

BTW – shed is intended to be a chicken house at the bottom of the garden – target date 15 September 2008.


Part-way through weekend update…. April 26, 2008

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Random wanting to post with some updates-:

– Finished raised beds with ends and top soil procured previously from freecycle.

– Admired many shoots now appearing in the potato area

– Transplanted many things including peas, brassicas, nastersiums etc

– Put up some more fencing to sort out the chickens who keep escaping next door!

– Syphoned waterbutt off to stash some rainwater for the coming anticipated dry spell

– Completed a nigeybodge/cunning solution for collecting rainwater off the greenhouse.  [another post with pics to follow shortly]

– Completed a nigeybodge to replace some glass in a shed thing here.

Busy busy busy……

interesting pea in transition to the outside world:>


And a funny find whilst emptying the waterbutt->

 Toddler admitted to putting a flowerpot, a small gardening kids’ rake, and an egg-box in there a few months ago!!


Hurrah some Spring progress!! April 1, 2008

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Wot a busy weekend.  Hurrah with thanks to R and T from up north (tooting) we now have:

  – A pop hole in the chicken house front

  – A Greenhouse re-population of glass and some plastic sheeting

  – A reconstructed Shed

 shed1  shed etc

An excellent theme of the greenhouse relocation has been bleeding and all three of the main workforce have contributed blood to the frame, glass and floor area around it.  At least it’s good for the plants.

A second excellent theme has been the domain of nigeybodging.  Visiting londoners were treated to the unique shortcuts of nigeybodges, and actually joined in themselves.  This included bad bolt arrangements on the greenhouse, a general wonkyness to the greenhouse as shown by the illfitting door,  two broken drill-bits (now replaced Barbara!! :> ) when trying to get some old screws out by drilling around them, a broken jigsaw bit from trying to force the  cutting of the rottenish side of the shed floor.  R tried to join the club in a hurried fence construction from chickenwire and posts.  The classic moments were trying to bang a nail in with a Rubber Mallet, and in trying to saw a post vertically and then leaning on the grass.  bless….. thanks again though to R and T !!! good workers.


Productive weekend at last March 26, 2008

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Wow – hurrah! A productive weekend at last, we did:

– Planted the earlies (potatoes) plus some main crop cos we just had about 9 holes left and thought what the hell….


– Relocated the greenhouse to the front garden/hardstanding area that should get total sunlight rather than the almost total shade last year!!

– Erected a fence to shield sprogs from the greenhouse when the glass is re-inserted

new home for greenhouse

– Finished the wire mesh bits of the chicken house (pop hole left and nest boxes to build…. plus obtaining the chucks)

– Planted some stuff inc Chillies, peppers, spanish pimientos de padron

– Heard from regional battery hen welfare people that they can’t meet demand, and would be summer before we could get any from them!!!

– Put up hanging basket bracket (Note – did two hanging baskets the other day too and forgot to blog that!!)

– Laid some paving slabs to avoid wet socks when taking out rubbish & the recycling

 – Ate loadsa choc, cuddled new baby girl lots, went for long country walk together, met up wi lotsa friends from home town

Mention to her indoors for also planting lots and lots and lots of seeds – whilst wearing new baby girl in a sling…..


Mention to Rhys also who wanted credit for the chicken house (he has meaty power tools, less bodgeness and more rhysyperfection style and also recently bought me a sexy briefcase of screws (pic will be inserted soon).